Discipleship: Identity in Christ



Discipleship is the training of the followers of Christ. This involves the interaction of mature believers with new followers of Christ and fellow believers for the purpose of bringing all to maturity in faith and action as disciples of Christ Jesus.


As followers of Christ Jesus, we are called to make disciples. Evangelism is merely the first step in the process. The actual making of disciples is the training of believers in prayer, worship, intimacy with God, hearing God, daily living, and more. This is accomplished on a personal level involving instruction and being an example.


Identity in Christ


This is a new study, as of October, 2021, that will explore our identity as God sees us. Our true identity is what God says about us; both individually and corporately. We are, as individuals, disciples of Christ. We are, as a group, the Body of Christ. An accurate understanding of our identity enables us to more effectively interact with God, with one another, and with the environment or atmosphere around us. We need to learn what God says about us, then come into agreement with Him. When we come into agreement with God, our faith is increased, and His power and love can be released through us.


Please join us in this study either here with us, or joining us for Sunday Sessions.

  • 01 – Introduction
  • 02 – Children of God
  • 03 – The Body of Christ

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