Fire-Pit Worship

Fire-Pit Worship


What is Fire-Pit Worship?





Whether there is or is not an actual fire-pit, the style of worship remains the same. Believers gather in a casual atmosphere for one purpose – to encounter the Living God.


The lights are dimmed, and the music is turned up rather loud. The music is usually recorded and played on a sound system, though occasionally there is a live worship leader. The time of worship fosters a one on one relationship between each worshiper and Almighty God. We gather as a group, but the experience is very individualized.


Some people sit quietly while others sing along. Some people remain still while others pace about the room or area. Some people stand, some kneel, some lay out on the floor or ground, or any combination throughout the night. There is freedom in style of worship for the individual, but there must be respect for the others present.


The time does not include preaching, teaching, or anyone’s agenda. This time is designed solely for individuals to have a real encounter with God. It is a time for each attendee to cry out to God, to seek God, to hear from God, and to be impacted through the development of a deep, personal relationship with God.





We seek to maintain the same procedure today as originally occurred at the fire-pit. Even the leaders need to encounter God and their worship time should be respected just as it is for all others who came for that reason.


Respect for others who are there to worship is important for this time to be valuable and impactful for all who attend.


Resist the temptation to interrupt someone to simply have a conversation.


Take liberty in how you would like to worship but take care not to impose upon others who are seeking intimacy with God.


You are free to come and go at whatever point of the evening you so choose.