Ekklesia – An Exploration

An exploration of the topic of ekklesia is an important activity to undertake to understand the authority the believer has in Christ Jesus.

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Ekklesia – Part One – What is it?

Ekklesia – Part Two – Governmental

Ekklesia – Part Three – A Deeper Look

The Ekklesia at Anoka

Ekklesia – Bible Verses

Ekklesia – Resources


This topic was explored during Sunday Sessions after “Building the Wall” in which we discussed the Cornerstone, the Foundations, and the Living Stones.

First, Building the Wall, was the big picture or the overview of the Body of Christ. Learn more on the Past Sunday Sessions Page.

Second, the Ekklesia, concerned the local scene or the Body of Christ in action. Learn more on this page (above). Also, studies in prayer, House of Prayer.

Now, third, we consider “From Laodicea to Ephesians” which is a look at the practical steps to move from the institutional church system into Ekklesia; the means to get there. Learn more on the page,  From Laodicea to Ephesians .