Pizza Man Church

Pizza Man Church


What is Pizza Man Church?





Pizza Man Church is a time when a group of people gather to have a meal and discuss the things of life. For us it is a family gathering where we are creating new, and building upon existing, relationships.


From time to time we will pray with or for one another. We will, at times, read and discuss scripture – sharing, teaching, and encouraging one another.


This is a time we can meet with and encourage those whom we are discipling in the way of Christian life. It is a place for people to know when and where we can be found regularly. It is also an opportunity for us to support and to develop a relationship with a local establishment in our city.





We have met at Pizza Man at varying intervals over time; weekly, every other week. Also, from time to time we have taken breaks for a period of time for various reasons such as the group changed to be something unintended or the street ministry had been inactive. Oftentimes this was the first place to invite someone to whom we had met and with whom we struck up a relationship.

We have met at a variety of places in town over the years. Perkins Church was also good for late night gatherings, at least until they closed.



When and Where


Our latest iteration of Pizza Man Church has been the first and third Thursdays of the month from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Then the pandemic hit and disrupted things. We have gone to occasional gatherings as a couple of people put out word that they will be there.


Pizza Man is located at 231 East Main Street in Anoka.