Being Disciples Podcast

Podcast: Being Disciples

Learning One’s True Identity


What is a disciple?

This is what will be explored in this podcast as we look at scripture, interview guests, and examine relationships.

This is not about religion or rules and regulations, rather, we will explore how God draws us to Himself with instruction on living life in its fullest capacity both now and throughout eternity. This is a growth process and we are all at different levels of living this out in faith.

I encourage you to check out the podcast for your own growth as well as a resource you can use to disciple, or mentor, another believer that is seeking the truth about a relationship with our loving Creator.

Some episodes are free standing, while others may be a part of a short series. The key is for you to listen to what interests you and to that which will promote growth in your faith and spiritual walk.

As the episodes are broadcast, they will be posted on the sites linked below. Our plan is to have a link for the audio podcast, a video with the same audio that has the notes listed, and to post the notes here on the website for you to have available for any follow-up study or deep dive that you may choose to do.

The links you find on those pages will become active as we publish the episodes and all the links are prepared so you can see and use all of the content. Perhaps you will consider leading a home group or online study with those in your circle of influence.


Blessing and Peace be unto you as you pursue a loving relationship with Almighty God.


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