Past Sunday Sessions

Here is a list of some of the past Sunday Sessions notes for you to view. But these are just notes to guide you through your own study or discussion. Seek wisdom from God as you explore the word.


Note: missing dates and links reflect no gathering or no notes to publish for the meeting. this began as once per month, then twice per month, then weekly.

Sunday Sessions Introduction – 10NOV19

Christ Jesus, The Cornerstone – 08DEC19

Apostles and Prophets, The Foundation – 12JAN20

Believers, The Living Stones – 09FEB20

Stones becoming Walls – 08MAR20

Molding Stones, Part 1, Disciples – 12APR20

Molding Stones, Part 2, Making Disciples – 14JUN20

Seven Spirits of God – 12JUL20

Five-Fold Ministry – 09AUG20

Faith – 13SEP20

Prophetic Arts Anointings and Manifestations – 27SEP20

Vessels: Honorable or Dishonorable – 11OCT20

Parable of Wheat and Tares – 25OCT20

Ekklesia – Part 1 – What is it? – 06DEC20

Ekklesia – Part 2 – Governmental – 13DEC20