Sunday Sessions Introduction – 10NOV19

Welcome to Sunday Sessions. These sessions are a series on some of the basics of congregational living. We live in an age in which some believe we are seeing the Kingdom of God overtaking the church age. The Body of Christ needs to come out of Laodicea and into living the life of love as taught in the Book of Ephesians.


Each session begins with a meal during which those attending can visit with one another. The idea here is that we get to better know one another so that we may become more involved in one another’s lives. In this way we can more effectively love one another.


Following the time of fellowship is a short presentation to introduce the points of the topic for discussion. After the introduction, the floor is open for discussion including statements, questions, testimonials, etc. The hope is for a Spirit led conversation that is a blessing for all those present, including experiencing an encounter with God and manifestation of the five-fold ministry.